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The Cockatiels Betim is a Registered company over 22 years engaged in the creation of soft pet cockatiel and Golden Retriever Puppies, We delivered in Nova Lima Region, Belo Horizonte (BH), Score, Ibirité and Betim in Minas Gerais. Cockatiels and puppies Golden Retriever differentiated due to easy going with children, only here you have a post sales support SPECIAL ...

It never has been Easy Acquire your Docile Cockatiel!

The Cockatiels Betim site offers excellent and useful resources for you to get informed and get your cockatiel and her Puppy Golden Retriever ...

Online Scheduling

In our establishment, You will be met at the scheduled time by a trained professional, to be devoted to one service 100% unique to their needs and concerns in the acquisition of its Calopsita ...

The commerce of the ntegrado

Our site has the technology Woocommerce, one of the most used in e-commerce, which will enable automatic booking of your cockatiel as the TERMS purchase from our store.

After Sales Service

The Cockatiels Betim has a post differentiated sales and quality, where our customers are educated with the best management practices and care with his gentle cockatiel or your Golden Retriever puppy.

Understand Process!

The Breeding Cockatiels Betim develops a taming of working their young from the first moments of life, having the same constant contact with hands and human voice!

Another important point is to control the development of offspring, which are monitored daily by a specialist in the creation and management parrots (birds that are characterized by curved beak)!

Therefore, the results of this work are extremely docile Cockatiels and Healthy, ready for contact with people of all ages, including children!

Now we also work with Golden Retriever Puppies, super healthy and tame, ideal for family life.


Improvement Go on!

The Cockatiels Betim prioritizes moral responsibility and within the business ethics! We operate in the market with the best people and products to offer our customers quality and good price.

Our services and products are highly specialized and seek strategic alliances with our customers and suppliers. Currently we have all the conditions to offer the best soft market cockatiels


View: Effectively consolidate our corporate image in the current thread, and be recognized as the best solution in Cockatiels Mansas.

Mission: Our commitment is to meet the market need for a company that holds all the Know How in creation and Cockatiels Home Management.

Values: Customer focus is not, ethic, Sustainability, Focus on Results, Valuing People, Responsibility, Honor the promised, Always progress and Excellence.


Freedom to be happy ...

Join the thousands Happy customers with the Cockatiels products Betim and discover why they approve our work!

Because the Health Who do you Love has no price!

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